About Us


Rex's Animal Rescue is owned by Dustin and Alisa Rex. Their passion for animals fueled them to open this rescue together, as a hope of creating a safe and loving environment for animals needing their help. Married in 2018, Alisa's passion for animals began long before that. She remembers being just a little girl bringing dogs home from the streets and nursing them back to health. She started working in a veterinary practice at just 17 and her passion for rescue grew rapidly. After meeting Dustin, their love for dogs quickly became what their life was surrounded by. The more they fostered, the more rescues from all over North America they got into contact with, and the more they loved it. Finally, in 2023, they decided to open the rescue to further pursue their efforts to help the animal community. 


They have 4 dogs  and 4 cats of their own. Their dogs, Piper, Coulson, Opie and Johnny, are Alisa's pride and joy. You'll never meet her without her bragging about how she has the greatest little crew. She adopted Piper as a tiny puppy in 2017 as her first ever foster dog. She quickly "foster failed" and he became a part of her family. Since then, she and Dustin have fostered over a hundred dogs and have no plans to slow down their fostering efforts. They have future plans to have a small kennel built on their property to hold more dogs at a time, including a spot that will have the ability to hold a mama dog and a litter of puppies in need.