Our Available Pets 

Scroll down to see all of our pets that are available for adoption! If you have any questions about a certain pet, message us on Facebook or through the Contact Us page. 

What does an adoption from us include? We believe in giving our furry friends the best start in their new homes! For pets 5 months and older, we have them spayed and neutered before going to a new home. We offer a discounted voucher at our reputable veterinarian for puppies too young to be spayed or neutered at time of adoption. For dogs 8 months and older, we conduct heartworm tests and administer a 6-month pro-heart injection to keep them healthy and happy. Plus, we provide a 30-day supply of flea and tick prevention to ensure they stay pest-free. Vaccinations are essential, so each pet receives rabies, distemper/parvo, lepto, and bordetella vaccines. And for added peace of mind, all our dogs are microchipped, offering an extra layer of protection in case they ever wander too far from home. With our comprehensive adoption package, you can rest assured that your new companion is set up for a lifetime of love and well-being.


🐾 Meet our charming senior gentleman, a German Shepherd looking for his forever home! This distinguished fella is not just a looker – he's fully vaccinated, neutered, and adores both dogs and cats. Plus, his snuggly nature will warm your heart on even the chilliest nights. However, a heads-up: he's got some impressive fence-jumping skills, so a secure yard is a must! Ready to invite this sweet boy into your family? Reach out to us today!


🐾 Introducing our resilient and affectionate three-legged shepherd mix in search of her perfect match! This darling girl has been spayed, fully vetted, and even underwent professional training to polish her manners. While she may not be fond of feline friends, she warms up to other dogs with patient introductions. Her separation anxiety is a work in progress, but her love for people is unwavering – she's a true companion through and through. Experienced dog owners, are you ready to give this special pup the love and support she deserves? Reach out today to make her a part of your family!


🐾 Meet Ladybug, the spunky and spirited Blue Heeler ready to bring some excitement into your life! Despite facing the challenge of heartworm, she's fully vaccinated and spayed, with a bright future ahead. This 3-year-old dynamo is potty trained and thrives with a sense of purpose – she's looking for a job to keep her busy! While she's not a fan of cats or strong alpha females initially, she warms up with patience and understanding. And here's the best part: Ladybug adores children, making her the perfect playmate for your little ones! Ready to welcome this energetic sweetheart into your home? Reach out to us today!


Cindi Lou is a 1-year-old Pittie mix weighing in at 65 pounds of pure sweetness. Although she may be shy at first, she warms up quickly and loves everyone she meets. Cindi Lou adores dogs and kids, making her a perfect addition to a family. She's both kennel and house trained, so she's ready to move in without a hitch. Her curious nature and sweet personality will win you over in no time. And did we mention she loves belly rubs? If you're looking for a loyal and loving companion, Cindi Lou is your girl. Give her a chance, and she'll fill your home with love and joy.


🐾 Meet Axl, the charming 4-month-old American Bulldog and Border Collie mix with a heart of gold! Currently in the midst of his puppyhood, Axl is still completing his series of puppy shots to keep him healthy and happy. Hailing from a litter of 9 adorable pups, he's got plenty of siblings still looking for their forever homes too! Despite his energetic heritage, Axl stands out as the cool, calm, and collected one of the bunch – his laid-back demeanor makes him a breeze to be around. Ready to add a touch of tranquility to your life? Consider welcoming Axl into your family today!


Master Splinter, our Rat Terrier, may not be able to teach you Karate, but he definitely can teach you parkour 

This energetic little man packs a lot of personality in his 14 pounds! He takes a minute to adjust to new dogs that are bigger than him, but with a little patience he loves everyone - even cats!! He’s super playful and spunky.

Splinter is about 1 year old and fully vetted.